An online interactive zoom workshop

February 6, 2021

Class Duration 9-12 pst BREAK 1-4 pst

You are a click away from mastering your dream in photography



Who is the course for?

Perfect for the beginner photographer looking for more knowledge on how to capture great images.


For the Intermediate photographer looking to fill in any gaps stopping them from reaching their full photography potential.


Anyone looking for a possible career change into photography!

Meet your instructor

Learn photography from an Internationally

Recognized Master Photographer 


STEVE AUSTIN is an acclaimed photographer with over a decade of technical and fine arts training.  Through his photography, Steve has honed his skills in visual composition and other creative aspects of art and photography, with an end result of vision and artistic impression.

Contributing photographer for the NCC 


Here's what you'll learn:


Understanding your camera

  • Stops of exposure - Learn to take control over your shots and manage light

  • Aperture - Learn the relationship between this function and it's affects on your images

  • Shutter Speed - Gain full control over movement in your images

  • ISO - Understand the meaning an how it affects image quality

  • The Exposure Triangle - Complete understanding of how to combine elements of exposure for the perfect photograph


Understanding your gear

  • Tripods - The importance of stability 

  • Sharp image focus - Learn how to get sharp images every time

  • Focal lengths -  A deep dive int lens choice and the effect of focal length in your images

  • Hyper Focal length - Learn how to capture focus through your images from front to back

  • Crop factors - Understand the meaning and what to look for

  • Depth of Field (DOF) - Learn how to control this concept in your images with a full understanding of using it for creativity

  • Histogram - How to use this camera function to your advantage so you understand it's relationship to your image exposure

  • White Balance - Learn about different light sources and ho to control them with your camera settings

  • Shooting Modes - When to use the right mode for the right reason.  A dive into Manual/Aperture/Shutter priorities

  • Meter Modes - We will look into how your camera measures light and when to use the right mode for your shooting situation

  • Focus Modes  - Understand how & when to use Auto focus vs Manual

  • Exposure Compensation - Why use this camera function and it's effects on your images

  • JPEG vs RAW -  We will discuss the difference between these files and the features and benefits of each















Understanding Composition

  • Filling the frame - Learn to be creative by getting your subject to stand out

  • Leading lines - Learn how to draw your viewers attention through your images

  • Visual weight - Understand the properties of using subject and colour for dynamic images

  • Balance - Understand the concepts of how to frame your images so that they are compelling

  • The Rule of Thirds - How to use & break this rule to help convey story telling in your photos

  • Symmetry - Learn where to find symmetry & how to capture it

  • Horizontal lines - Looking for lines in the field to create strong composition

  • Vertical lines -  Using lines to add interest to your images

You are a click away from mastering your dream in photography



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